Our company has won a prestigious award - Forbes Diamond, 2010. We have gained a high position in the ranking of companies that in recent years, most rapidly increased their value. Ranking was based on the Swiss method of valuation of companies. It takes into account both financial results and the value of the assets of individual companies. It also allows you to measure the potential of the company, given the volume of investments and the ability to increase sales and profits.

Since 2007 PARTNER has systematically achieved "Gazele Biznesu" distinction. From the perspective of "Puls Biznesu" a business gazelle is a medium sized company which, thanks to its dynamic development manages to exist on the market.A ranking on the list depends on the percentage increase in turnover, achieved in three consecutive years. Business Gazelle has one other feature that distinguishes it from other business species - sharks, bulls, bears, and-moreover- hyenas. This feature is a good reputation, and sincerity to business partners.